Design proposal

The Ideal

Patient Room


Redefining and designing the patient room

What does is mean to be a patient in a healthcare facility in the 21st century? The Ideal Patient Room project provides a new perspective to the space and functions of this space dedicated to recovery. It applies research from 'healing environments', specifically from professor Roger S. Ulrich who has been a leading figure in this field.

The intention of this project is to bring up a conversation about the effect of our surroundings on our health and well-being. It highlights the possibilities of a healing environment and states what it slowly becoming the obvious: recovery needs a nurturing and well-balanced space. 

"In addition to ameliorating stress and improving mood, gardens and nature in hospitals can significantly heighten satisfaction with the healthcare provider and the overall quality of care."

Health Benefits of Gardens in Hospitals, Roger S. Ulrich, Ph.D.

Focus points


With a focus on natural materials, nature-inspired features (water feature, decoration, garden), this patient room has the ability to softly soothe the senses.

Having natural light enter a room dedicated to recovery is highly essential. This is so for patients as well as caretakers.

Providing necessary private spaces is a priority for a steadier recovery. Not feeling isolated is another, this space is able to offer both privacy and connection.

This space is able to guarantee a sense of safety for patients with the emphasis on wider rooms and a view to the nurses station.

Light nurse station with good overview

Access to garden, semi-private rooms


Sky light and green roof

Fully equipped and sterilized room

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