The Healing Pod, by Architecture of Cure, is a small space that provides a connection to nature for patients and caregivers in healthcare facilities who have little access to it.  


Being a patient or caregiver in a healthcare setting can be highly stressful. The Healing Pod is here to change that. Inspired by professor Roger Ulrich’s research on the positive effects of nature on patients, the Healing Pod uses a soft sensory experience inspired by nature to bring the user to a more relaxed state of being.


The Healing Pod works using the following five elements:

The Healing Pod gives patients and caretakers with little access to the outside world a connection to nature.

Providing clean air and a visible connection to nature, the use of greenery has been proven to enhance recovery and lower stress levels.


 You can smell the scent of pine trees, eucalyptus, or tea tree. Studies have shown the positive effects of essential oils on stress.


Light that simulates daylight encourages your brain to reduce the produce of melatonin and increase the produce of serotonin.


The sounds of nature have the ability to soothe us and even lower stress levels. Additionally, the sounds help take the  user further into the nature experience.


Studies have shown that wood where the grain is visible relaxes the autonomic nervous system, resulting in lowered stress responses.





A cheap, efficient prototype was able to help users feel the effects of the Healing Pod. 

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Technical drawing

The next step was to design a more designed product. This prototype focused also on looking at adding value to hospital environment.

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3D Model

The latest design combines both of the previous prototypes to form a slim and attractive product.

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Prototype 2.0 of the Healing Pod was made possible through a VoordeKunst crowdfunding campaign. Gemeente Den Haag, Nature for Health, and fifty other individuals contributed to the final goal of 4,000 euros.

With this Architecture of Cure was able to build and transport the second prototype to its first location: Nature for Health's Inspiration Center in Berkel-Enschot. 


Prototype 1.0 of the Healing Pod was the first ever prototype of the Healing Pod and was made to simply yet effectively test the experience of the healing Pod. This prototype was made by Architecture of Cure during the pre-incubation program Venture Academy by Leiden University.

It later went on to various locations, such as the Open Day of the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague and the Circus Theatre Scheveningen during Big Improvement Day. With this prototype, Architecture of Cure was nominated for The Hague Innovators Challenge 2018.


"It was a unique experience for myself and also for my son. Our senses were triggered in a soft and playful way. I could honestly see myself using this almost every day."

 Asami Kuchi | Prototype 1.0 tester

"It was a busy day when I sat in the Healing Pod, and I relaxed instantly. It felt like a meditative escape. The scent was also surprisingly soothing and I was able to appreciate the true benefits of nature even more after this. I need this in my office!"
Muriel Pineau | Prototype 1.0 tester


Prototype 1.0 has participated in:

OPEN DAY 2018 | The Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague

BIG IMPROVEMENT DAY 2018 | Circus Theater Scheveningen

VENTURE ACADEMY FINAL 2018 | Leiden University

Prototype 1.1 has participated in:

INNOVATION FOR HEALTH 2019 | World Trade Center Rotterdam

Prototype 2.0 has participated in:

HELEND LANDSCHAP DAG 2020 | Nature for Health Berkel-Enschot


The Hague Innovators Challenge Nomination

In 2018, the Healing Pod was nominated by Impact City for this challenge.

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