Skin as a Coffin, 2017. 
Film (8 minutes); bioplastic on metal structure; balloon with bioplastic.

What is the relationship between nature (beauty), sex (desire), meat (ugliness), and death (chosen subject)? A material exploration of skin as a part of a process of living and dying. 
Presented at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague gallery.

In the end, I ended up with an installation with multiple mediums. I chose to do this because I wanted to show the material I was working with in all aspects, since the research of the material was an integral part of my process. I stitched pieces of the bioplastic together to form a sort of quilt that hung over a metal frame. It represents the skin that is left over from the body and left out to dry.

Next to that, a video plays of a ritual that uncovers, cleanses, and covers the body again. I chose to show the different body parts in quadrants because it distorted the figure and allowed the viewer to see the process on each body part at the same time (almost connecting them to make a full body).

The balloon that is attached to the fresh bioplastic is a reflection on celebrations and temporality. The balloon slowly deflates with time and the material that is holding the balloon to the ground will also change (the fresh bioplastic was evaporating and therefore was leaking water, too). I’d like to thank Sarah for being my model for this project!

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