Alongside the research of the positive effects of nature on healing, Architecture of Cure is also developing a product that aims to reduce stress using nature, with a focus on patients in hospitals. 


The Healing Pod is designed so that a person is able to sit in a natural environment that aims to reduce stress. It does so by purifying plants that increase productivity by 38%, light therapy that has been proven to increase energy levels, aromatherapy which can aid in reducing pain levels, and sounds of nature that can boost mood. Allowing people to take 15-20 minutes in a natural environment is an effective way to improve sleeping patterns, mood, and energy levels. 

The Healing Pod is aimed at highly stressed environments, such as hospitals where there is a strong lack of nature, or offices, universities, and airports.

Prototyping Phase

The Healing Pod is currently in its prototyping phase. We have completed the first prototype, which is focused on the experience of the multi-sensory healing environment. It is currently travelling to various locations around The Netherlands for conferences and expositions such as the Open Day of the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague and the Big Improvement Day at the Circus Theatre Scheveningen. 

Prototype II

In June 2018, we hope to move to the next prototype, focused on the design. Below is the first impression of the design of the second prototype. The aim is to combine ergonomic design with the sensory elements (sound, smell, light, and plants) to create a more appealing form. Prototype II will also be made with natural elements such as wood.

After it is completed, we plan to start on the first sellable version scheduled to be completed in mid 2019. 

The Healing Pod concept is created by Anna Pelgrim and the board of advisors: Titus Van Der Spek and Sebastiaan De Kroon

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