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Rethinking healing through nature and design

A product by Architecture of Cure


Caregivers & patients


Prototype 2.0

The platform that explores therapeutic & healing environment design

What elements and qualities does a space need for a well-balanced recovery? What is the history of the patient room design? How can nature provide more relaxation for patients and caretakers in healthcare facilities?

Architecture of Cure answers questions such as these using design as its tool.

“The architecture of the hospital must be the agent and instrument of cure

Michel Foucault


Architecture of Cure begins projects with an in-depth research phase based on the Design Thinking method. This research phase could be in a visual, writing, or multi-media form.


After the research phase, prototyping is the next essential step. Testing, retesting, and starting from scratch is part of the innovating process. Efficiency and low-cost prototypes are essential.



Design takes places throughout all phases. The speciality here lies in finding the right solution for the right problem or question. Ideation and testing are part of this process.




Nature for Health

Partnership with organisation


The Hague Innovators Challenge Nominee

Haagse Vernieuwers is part of Impact City


Venture Academy Winner

The incubation program is part of Leiden University



The Founder

Anna Pelgrim is a designer focused on creating spatial and sensory experiences with themes related to health, healing, identity, and nature.

Architects and designers have a responsibility when designing healthcare buildings and places of health. Not only to provide a safe and logistical building, but to facilitate a holistic recovery process and provide a safe haven for healing and wellbeing for patients and caregivers alike.

Architecture of Cure is a design studio that researches healing environments and designs experiences based around health and wellness. It was founded by Dutch designer Anna Pelgrim.

Sensory interaction is a fixed ingredient in all of Architecture of Cure’s projects. The general sterile and machine-heavy design of healthcare spaces makes it important to find ways to give patients and caregivers access to a softer and more
natural sensory stimulation.

Through in-depth
research, which can come in a written, field, or visual form, the platform provides a strong base for its projects. The Architecture of Cure Documentary is a great example of this.  

Innovating through prototyping is like the flour to a cake, without it, you’ve only got mush. This is why Architecture of Cure uses
prototyping as its main testing tool. Using design thinking methods that involve understanding using empathy, co-creation, ideating, and testing, the platform is able to connect strongly with its target groups.

To bring it all together, Architecture of Cure looks for
collaborations to connect various themes to each other. What’s a cake without a cup of your neighbour’s sugar?

Read more on Impact City's article about the start of Architecture of Cure's journey here!


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Architecture of Cure is a proud partner of Nature For Health